Animal Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation

We apply quantitative ecological methods to study spatial and temporal patterns in biodiversity, with a marked focus on wildlife ecology at both species- and community-level. Our research strives to promote conservation of target species and habitats. We are based at the Department of Biology of the University of Florence, which is located in Sesto Fiorentino, at the outskirt of Florence.

Giacomo Santini’s group focuses mostly, but not exlusively, on ant ecology and conservation. We address a wide range of topics spanning from behavioural responses to changing environmental conditions to the effect of human activities on populations and communities.

Francesco Rovero’s group focuses on understanding drivers of status and vulnerability of populations and communities, with most experience on mammals as the subject and camera trapping as the detection method. Among the projects implemented is a long-term programme in the high biodiversity forests in Tanzania, where research and monitoring efforts contribute to global-scale studies and are conducive to conservation and capacity building efforts.

Research Groups


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